About Us

Our Profile

Currently K-Markt provides merchandising services to over two thousand stores throughout South Africa, and extends to Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana. This is why we are considered to be the leading Outsourced Merchandising Company.

Leading the Outsourced Merchandising industry

Established twenty years ago, K-Markt Retail Services (KMRS) provide efficient and effective mass outsourced merchandising, sales services and key accounts management to heavyweight retail chains.Headed up by David Kidson and Greg Albers, who bring a combined thirty years of experience in retail merchandising, in-store sales, warrantee and returns and category management, KMRS services national and international brand owners and retailers through to retail stores, supermarkets and warehouses.  Our ideal client is a professional who has pride, passion and loyalty towards a brand and appreciates the importance of strong, effective, visual and promotional marketing investment.

Mission Statement

K-Markt Retail Services intends to continue a strategy of vertical expansion into sub-Saharan Africa, simultaneously entrenching our pattern of lateral growth in the retail non-food sector and general merchandise to the emerging market.
KMRS intends to continue pursuing a culture of high-quality service and fairness in all our dealings. We strive to be a fair and equitable employer and to operate socially responsibly in our trading environments.