Merchandising services

Dedicated and permanently based in retail points-of-presence, Merchandising Services implements promotional material, maintains displays and merchandises stock. Overseen by Sales Services, Merchandising Services takes brand offerings to the next level, creating excitement around products, services or brands at instore level.

Key Account Services

Indeed the effective “key” between brand management and retail outlet ground level activity, key account services translates brand leaders’ objectives into effective instore reality. Key Account Services is the primary link between brand leaders and sales and merchandising staff who “make it happen” on the retail shop floor.

Sales Services

Sales Services is the key resource that closely monitors, manages and maximises a brand’s retail, operating or trading environment in terms of the actual offering itself. Sales Services ensure that maximum stock levels are maintained, brand visibility maximised and stock exceptions are efficiently and effectively processed.



Retail Marketing Services South Africa

In the mass retailing environment, the core activity of brand owners is to develop its market presence in the minds and hearts of its consumers as well as new potential markets and, simultaneously, to deploy logistics resources to effectively deliver it’s offering to the retail environment.
The retailer, on the other hand, has at its primary function, the provision of a comforting and inspiring buying environment for those same consumers, at a bricks-&-mortar level, and the maximisation of actual sales conversions in the process.

Somewhere between the brand leaders’ intent and the retailers’ activity lies a function neither have either a competency for, nor do they desire to establish and manage such a resource-intensive activity.

This is where K-Markt Retail Services steps in. K-Markt’s core function is the management of product, and service flows from back-of-house to storefront in terms of stock levels merchandising, off-shelf efficiencies, product positioning and promotional and display aids. Via a trickle-down communications medium – from brand owner to key accounts manager to shop floor sales and merchandising – K-Markt integrates brand objectives with retail realities and is the oil that lubricates the friction between brand presence and development and retail policy and trading environment. In short, K-Markt are the brand owners at store level.

Premier Retail Merchandising Company

K-Markt ensures the smooth flow of a brand’s products from a retailer’s receiving area to a prime position on the shelf. In real and simple terms, K-Markt provides effective outsourced retail solutions

In this fashion, a brand owner no longer has to concern itself with the bother of keeping instore stock levels adequate – a responsibility traditionally that of the retailer – nor does it fear that its brand promotion will be side-lined in the populous and competitive mass retailing environment.

Similarly, retailers managing tens of thousands of product lines have some of the pressure removed with the aid of on-the-ground resources such as those offered by K-Markt Retail Services.

With well-established relationships with its mass retailer client base – including such dominant forces as Boardmans, Clicks, Dis-Chem, Game, Hi-Fi Corporation, Incredible Connection, PNP Group, Family and Mini stores, Shoprite/Checkers Group, Toys R Us, Makro, and Builders Warehouse – K-Markt Retail Services is well-placed, effectively-resourced and sufficiently experienced to handle any retail service requirement.
In terms of retail marketing services South Africa has no equal.