Merchandising Solutions

KMRS’s shop floor presence embraces general merchandising, maintenance of adequate stock levels in prominent, eye-catching positions.

Merchandising Solutions include:
Checking status of stock on hand.
Checking general layouts and shelf hygiene.
Face up merchandise according to retailers and supplier specification.
Ensure correct pricing is executed and replenish stock where necessary.

Comprehensive Retail Marketing Services South Africa

K-Markt Retail Services (KMRS) is a leading service provider in the supply of key accounts management, merchandising and sales services to brand owners, product and service providers and mass or chain retailers. Key to our functionality is our positioning as the region’s leading retail merchandising company.



Sales Services

K-Markt’s sales services monitor a brand’s retail, operating, and trading processes, aiming to maximise these.

Sales Services include:
Maximum stock level maintenance
Maximised brand visibility
Ensuring all listed items are ordered and are on the shelf

Key Accounts Management

In terms of key accounts management, KMRS ensures that buyers – on a national level – are effectively introduced to products, made aware of product developments and promotional and pricing consumer advantages.

Key Accounts Management includes:
Product and pricing surveys
Reviewing survey data
Supply sales
Strategic planning
Promotional budgeting
Streamlining of ranges
Ensuring all listed items are ordered and are on the shelf.